Marketing Director at Perfetti Van Melle Turkey

Find out where a graduate position in Perfetti Van Melle can take you..

Where are you from?
I’m from Italy.

What are you passionate about?
I love spending time with my family, particularly in the outdoors: skiing, mountain biking, hiking. I like a lot to play drums.

What is your background?
I attended Bocconi University in Milano. I studied business administration, with majors in organisational behaviour and marketing.

What were your professional objectives before you started working?
My ambition was to work for a company operating in a sector that motivates me (food is one of those) and then that offered opportunities to grow and to potentially work in foreigners countries. The international aspect has always been important to me.

How did you join Perfetti Van Melle?
I applied for a Junior Product Manager position at Perfetti Van Melle Italy, got through the hiring process and finally I got the job.

Do you remember your first day in Perfetti Van Melle?
Absolutely. I have very good memories about it. I was impressed by the positive atmosphere at the office, colleagues eager to help me on my first day there. And then there was the funnest part of it: trying all the different products. I was working on the jellies category which was a real pleasure to do.

And what about your career in Perfetti Van Melle?
I started in the Marketing Department in Italy, as Junior Product Manager, than I moved for a couple of years to Breda, in the Netherlands, working on different brands. After that, I was back to Italy working in a different category: I had been working on candies previously and I moved to the chewing gum category. Then I was promoted and I had the opportunity to join the Global Marketing Team, that was based in Switzerland at the time, so we were in charge of the global reload of communication campaigns for our top brands and for the NPD (new product development). After that I was promoted to marketing director for Spain and Portugal and recently I moved here to Istanbul, for Perfetti Van Melle Turkey.

What experience have you gained?
I have had the opportunity to take on a very broad set of responsibilities and work in many areas like new product development and communications. This means working on the creative process, the execution and finally the roll out in the different markets: it includes local and global marketing responsibilities, shopper marketing, category management, visibility and even people management.

How does technology and innovation factor into your work?
Innovation is absolutely key in this category, especially because consumers and shoppers really expect to be constantly surprised by brands. So innovation absolutely plays a crucial role. Technology has also really changed the way we do marketing; if you think what has been happening  in the past 10 years in terms of  digital media, the way we communicate to our target groups, especially to the youngest ones; that’s really amazing, that is a radical change.

What can you tell us about working in Perfetti Van Melle?
I love the hands-on approach that we have in this company, the “can do attitude” and the positive spirit. Of course, each of us is accountable for our own actions and we own our own projects, but collaboration between colleagues and different departments is absolutely key.

How does it make you feel seeing Perfetti Van Melle’s products around the world?
It makes me feel proud of being a part of such an international company with a big foot print and it also makes me feel curious. I always want to know when I see products abroad “what is working for a specific market and what is not working and why”.

Do you have a favourite Perfetti Van Melle product?
Starting from my childhood Alpenliebe, the classical sugar based one: that is one of my favourite products in our portfolio. I remember that my grandfather was a very loyal consumer of this specific product. So I would always sneak  into his library and get a couple of candies. I love the product. It’s really tasty, very creamy, rich. I love it!
Another favourite is Mentos Pure Fresh gum: to me is one of the best gums in the market, very very fresh, long lasting flavour, right size, crunchy, and I was also part of the team that rolled out the concept in different markets in Europe, so I also feel proud of it! I love it!