Candy and Jelly Technologist

Discover with Colin, the international atmosphere of Perfetti Van Melle..

Where are you from?
Singapore / England – 15 years each. I call England my Home.

What are you passionate about?
Food. My daily life revolves around what I’ll have or try next – especially living in Italy, food is life.

 What is your academic background/ what did you study?
I studied at the University of Portsmouth before changing my degree and finishing in Hull University, both English Universities, with Hull University renowned for Organic Chemistry. Higher Education in Pharmacology, completed degree in BSc. Hons. Pharmaceutical Science
I left the Pharmacology course (Portsmouth) as I found more interest in the Chemistry of drugs than the study of Physiological effects of Drugs. Thus the degree change.

What were your professional objectives before you started working?
To create something that people can’t get enough of.

How did you join Perfetti Van Melle?
An opportunity presented to me at the right phase of my career progress.
A large private Italian company that is continually growing – with an international R&D group team that is expanding. There has been a noticeable change in working language shifting to English, despite my short time here. My colleagues are made up of locals and multinationals/culture background. Living and working in Italy can be challenging, especially for those that only speak English, but everyone is helpful and understanding. Great cultural exchange and learning for everyone.

Do you remember your first day in Perfetti Van Melle?
Yes – the excitement of a new environment (and Country!), the panic of trying to remember everyone’s name and my terrible pronunciation of Italian names/words (I still am struggling!).

How long have you worked in Perfetti Van Melle?
Since the summer of 2016.

What experience have you gained in Perfetti Van Melle?
Expanding my technical knowledge and skills, stepping from a local level into a Group level, I have to see a wider picture and manage a wide range of (Global) requirements.
One of the top priorities, as our department within the business is growing quickly, our technology needs rapid improvement, extension or acquirement to meet our growing demands, whilst trying to innovate and put our unique Perfetti Van Melle products in current and emerging markets.

How does it make you feel seeing Perfetti Van Melle’s products around the world?
Proud. It’s good to see our brands out around the world. People may not know our company name but they definitely recognise our brands. Definitely makes me want to contribute more to this brand recognition and make PVM not just recognised in the gums, chewy & lollipop category, but also in jellies and extruded.

Your favourite product?
Mentos Fruit – I grew up eating those, got me through a lot of exam revisions – never realising one day I would work for the company that produces it.